YGB Baseball Camp – Fort Worth, TX

May 30th & 31st, 2024

Ages (League Ages as of Spring 2024)

PeeWee, Colt, Minor & Major

Price: $90

(Financial assistance is available. Please complete the “contact us” form for more information.)

May 30th & 31st 

8 AM- 11:30 AM


Address: Westside Little League

Areas of Instruction

Hitting – We prioritize hitting fundamentals, focusing on mechanics, timing, and plate discipline. Our coaches provide personalized feedback and video analysis to help players refine their approach and make adjustments. From building power to enhancing mental focus, our program equips hitters with the skills and confidence needed to succeed at the plate.

Fielding – Our fielding instruction emphasizes fundamental skills such as footwork, glove positioning, and throwing accuracy. Through drills and personalized feedback, players enhance their reaction time and defensive consistency, gaining the confidence to excel on the field.

Baserunning – We teach baserunners to be smart and aggressive. Our instruction covers stealing bases, reading pitchers, and efficient baserunning techniques. Through drills and simulations, players maximize speed and make smart decisions to score runs effectively.

Catching – Catchers learn essential skills for success behind the plate. Our instruction covers stance, receiving, framing, and throwing. Through drills and feedback, players develop quick reflexes and strong defensive abilities.

Pitching – we refine pitchers’ mechanics, repertoire, and mental approach. Through personalized feedback and simulated game scenarios, players enhance their delivery, command, and strategic pitching tactics.

What to Bring

Wear baseball cleats or tennis shoes, wear baseball pants, bring your batting helmet, bring your baseball glove and bring your baseball bat.

You Gotta Believe Baseball Camp

Westside Little League
417 Rockwood Park Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107
May 30th & 31st, 2024