YGB Football Camp – Jackson, MS

July 11th and 12th, 2024

Ages (As of Fall 2024)

Youth Camp:

Price: $150

(Financial assistance is available. Please complete the “contact us” form for more information.)

July 11th:

Entering 3rd – 8th Grade
8 AM- 12 PM

July 12:

Entering 3rd – 8th Grade
8 AM- 12 PM


High School Camp:

Price $150

(Financial assistance is available. Please complete the “contact us” form for more information.)

July 11th:

Entering 9th – 12th Grade
6 PM – 8:30 PM

July 12th:

Entering 9th – 12th Grade
3pm – 5:30pm


Address: Jackson Academy, Ridgewood Rd, Jackson, MS, 39211

This address is the main entrance to the school. You can access the football field by entering through the main entrance and driving straight down the road until it forces you to take a “right”. The stadium will be in front of you.

Areas of Instruction

Quarterback – Leadership, Grip on Ball, Stance Under Center and in Shotgun, Exchange from Center and Exchange handing ball off, Different types of Drops, Throwing on the Run, Play Action Passing, Ball Faking, Screen Foot Work and High Release Work, Execution of Efficient Option Running, Reading Defenses.

Wide Receivers – Stance and Starts, Releases, Hand Work, Hand / Eye Coordination, Route Running, Blocking, Catching.

Running Backs – Stance, Handoff Exchange, Cutting, Route Running, Pad-level, Screen work, Pass Protection, Catching, Ball Security, Play-Action, Identifying Blitzes.

Tight Ends – Stance attached and detached Starts, Releases, Pass Blocking, Run Blocking, Catching, Hand / Eye Coordination, Screen work, Route Running.

Safeties, Corner Backs and Linebackers – Stance, Starts, Angles, Correct / Safe Tackling Technique, Catching, Hand / Eye Coordination, Correct Leverage, Correct Alignment, Bump and Run Technique, High Pointing the Ball, Pass Break Up.

Offensive Line / Defensive Line – Eyes, Stance, Starts, Correct Hand Placement, Angels, The importance of playing with leverage, Feet and Hand coordination, Shed Block, Run Blocking Techniques, Pass Blocking Techniques

What to Bring

We recommend bringing a mouthguard even though this is a non contact camp. We recommend sunscreen. We will provide water for the campers and a meal to follow camp.

You Gotta Believe Football Camp – Jackson, MS

Jackson Academy
4908 Ridgewood Rd, Jackson, MS 39211
July 11-12, 2024